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TPC is proud to be working with and supported by a number of valued authorities in research, financing, and premier learning centres which help deliver our services.

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Strategic philanthropy advice has been a growing area within the professional services landscape for a number of years. This area of specialist advice extends beyond taxation, structuring, and financial management of philanthropic gifts. To embracing the goals of individual donors and their wider families too.

The expected Trillions in wealth transfer over the coming decade is considered the largest transfer of wealth ever. Research suggests those inheriting such wealth will look to change wealth advisors within the first twelve months as they seek to align personal values with that of their business and personal wealth.

TPC provides trusted advisor and white label services which help you build deeper relationships with your clients and attract new ones. Through opening conversations on values and philanthropy to understanding the importance of effective giving solutions. TPC offers a range of services that help to;-

Support you in how to approach the subject of philanthropy and charitable giving through interactive learning and engagement services.
Education and training sessions which tackle some of the most common and pressing questions. Including design and delivery of Podcast content library to reflect learnings.
Work with you and your clients to create effective giving strategies that help them to identify the organisations that best support their values, vision, and mission whilst engaging the whole family.
Access to a team of experts and the opportunity to meet other likeminded individuals to support their giving journey and ambitions.