Bespoke Advisory Service,

Bespoke Advisory Service, help accelerate your impact with The Philanthropy Club (TPC) partners. Trusted advisors to help you understand the causes that matter most. Motivations and drivers behind your giving which help to bring about real change in your philanthropy. From one-off donation support to global grant making solutions, The Philanthropy Club (TPC) provides support at each step of the way to identify the most effective structures to unlock, grow and deploy your philanthropic capital.

Social Philanthropy Programme

Social Philanthropy Programme to engage members’ networks, The Philanthropy Club (TPC) curates a series of activities to connect, learn about, and grow your idea, innovation or strategy. A key aspect of the programme involves client immersion or field trip which helps members experience first-hand the impact their approach, time, and resources can make for your chosen cause.

Philanthropy Masterclass

Philanthropy Masterclass by The Philanthropy Club (TPC)  and the Marshall Institute and London School of Economics. A strategic workshop developed and provided by the Marshall Institute to support members of The Philanthropy Club (TPC) on their journey to develop their critical understanding of their philanthropic practice. Eight sessions led by expert faculty will support them to explore their own attitudes and approaches to issues such as the function of philanthropy, new mechanisms of social finance, and power and legitimacy.

Partner Services

Trusted advisor and white label services for the wealth sector including education and virtual support services.

Secret Circles

Secret Circles, are an exciting concept exclusive to The Philanthropy Club (TPC) and open to members for participation. In one evening, a select group of members come together to apply their collective time and talent towards resolving challenges faced by innovative charities or social enterprises. 


Kezia Kaur - life coach and business woman in London and Spain

Kezia Kaur - life coach and business woman in London and Spain

As a professional life coach, I had been in search of pro bono work to apply my expertise and change people’s lives for the better. It was at The Philanthropy Club’s First Tuesdays that I was inspired to help in the ‘100 Up' project to up-skill homeless people and trafficked women in London into livelihoods and entrepreneurships. Through The Philanthropy Club’s events, I met people on the same wavelength and who similarly shared a passion for a cause. It was reassuring that I was not alone. It gave me the impetus and the confidence to take that first step into philanthropy.

Emma North – Relationship Manager in the City

Emma North – Relationship Manager in the City

The Philanthropy Club’s Secret Circle has a power that no other philanthropy event has. By connecting an eclectic mix of people from different backgrounds, we as a group were able to generate ideas to tackle modern day issues for this charity. Even though we came together for a few short hours, we were able to reflect on how we could bring our collective experiences together to bring about change for a charity that needed our help. The evening connected a group of likeminded individuals and left an impression of limitless possibilities.

Douglas Bell - Entrepreneur in London

Douglas Bell - Entrepreneur in London

The Philanthropy Club has been a mind-expanding experience, as well as an opportunity to meet great people. Through it, I have gone on to be involved with BeMore as a donor, and The Philanthropy Club Secret Circle events. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to get involved in meaningful charity work. A fantastic initiative.